Pork chop with caramelized onions!

Cut the skin on the chops

Bob and I like watching a good cooking show. One of the shows we liked to watched were Gordon Ramsey's "Ultimate Cookery Course". It's really a great and learning show for me. So for my first menu I tried the Pork chop. I went to the market last Sunday. While there I bought  my pork chop there. As you know here most meat stands when they sells pork chop it was chopped to about an 8th to a quarter of an inch, so it's thinner than the pork chop that I wanted. So I went to the meat vendor that I always go to in Bankerohan and told the owner of the stall what I want. She said to tell her butcher what I just told her. I told the in-charge if he … [Read more...]

Home cook hotdog spaghetti!


Bob and the kids asked me to cooked something for them for lunch one day a few months ago. Bob just told me what they saw on the internet. The kids were so excited and really beg for me to cooked it for them. I am really a softy when it comes to my family, so I told them okay I will cooked it for them. Luckily I have my sous chef at the house at that time. Really my niece Glenda almost always my right hand in cooking. So I explained to Glenda what we are going to cook and she understood what I'm talking about and she started to boil some water for the pasta. Prepare water on the pot to boil. While waiting for the water to boil, I started … [Read more...]

Please vote wisely!


Wow its been awhile since I wrote something here. I was thinking of doing some other stuff on this site. As the saying always goes that we woman really changed our mind more often than we ever think of. But I really am wanting to write more often now. I am going to write anything that comes up to mind. It's almost election time here in the Philippines. It's going to be in May this year. Right now I could already hear a lot of the cars or tricycle having the advertisement over the microphone for the candidate they want to endorse. A lot of the candidate not just the one running for the presidents made a song for their slogan. The kids even … [Read more...]

I did it!

I did it!

Well, from my previous post I was talking about somebody wanting to move here in the city from North America. He did arrive and I did help him out here in Davao. I was talking before of finding a place for him to stay here that's near the water. I found a few houses that were near to the water. One house in particular that I saw was just a few meters away from the water. Of course I showed him that house first and instantly he wanted to rent it. I didn't even take him to see the other houses that I was intending for him to see. He told me no need for him to see the other places. But I let him see some neighborhood that would be good for him … [Read more...]

A Job to do

Beach House

I got an email a couple of weeks ago from somebody. He was asking about places to live here in Davao. He really wants to live near the water. He already had an idea about living in Samal Island. His drawback was that he really needed good high speed internet access. He was worried that Samal is not equipped yet for that. Maybe the SmartBro will work, but its not for sure. I really helped do some research for him. He told me that he would compensate me for my time. So, he hired me to get things going for him. I started by searching for a place for him to live here. He already gave me some details of what kind of place he wants. I also checked … [Read more...]

Oh, the changes!

Ordering Coffee

It's hard to believe the changes that have happened in the past two decades.  Bob & I got married nearly 20 years ago, and when I think about the difference in the world of communications since then, it is staggering! When Bob & I were first married, I lived in General Santos City, Bob lived in the USA.  It was difficult for us to even make a phone call to one another!  If we missed talking on the phone at the time when it could happen (only once per week),we could not communicate until the next week. Read all about my memories and what I think about today's communications, by reading my recent article over on the Live in the … [Read more...]

I know how to make binignit

You know what?  Recently, I learned how to make Binignit, or if you are Tagalog you would call it Ginataan.  Binignit is a favorite Filipino snack of mine!  I always love eating it, but never knew how to make it until just recently. I even wrote an article over on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, including the whole recipe of how to make it! So, if you are missing binignit or ginataan, head over to LiP and get the recipe, I am sure you will enjoy yourself, both making it and also eating it! … [Read more...]

Our Sarangani Farm!

During summer breaks of my kids this year, we went to my parents farm in Patag, Malapatan, Sarangani Province. Just less than 30 minutes drive from General Santos City. Its a place where I was born. Patag is a small barrio. I don't even know the population there. This is the first time that my 3 kids went there. They really had fun going swimming with their cousins(Leo, Glenrose, Cyril, Emmanuel, Joshua, David, Nichole, and Sahara. They probably would have stayed on that river for a long time if not that its getting dark. They really like to jump from that coconut tree thats just floating in the middle of the river. As you can see on the … [Read more...]

Mr. WordPress in town!

A few days ago I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Matt Mullenweg the creator and founder of WordPress software that powered this blog and our other blogs and our web magazine Live In The Philippines. He came to the Philippines to attend the WordCamp in Manila and Davao. The organizer is our friend Bloggie. After arriving in Manila, he just stay there for a day and came here to Davao. The WordCamp in Davao is 2 days before the Manila WordCamp. So he hangs around Davao and see some of the nice places here like Eden, Peoples Park and more. Really he is a down to earth guy. He is easy to get along with. We had the privilege of having dinner … [Read more...]

A good seminar!

Two days ago Bob had a seminar here at our house. Supposed to be it should be held at one of the function rooms at K1. Needless to say K1 didn't even know we existed when we went there the day before to check everything out. Luckily Bob decided to checked it out before the seminar. It would be embarrassing going there and we are not booked. My goodness I called them up a month ago to booked the seminar. I told them and explained to them what room I want. They said okay. Luckily no one was booked on the date that we said. So that thing was solve. Then Bob ask them if we could try to hooked up his laptop to their plasma TV? They said sure, … [Read more...]